2022 Nativity Mother's Day Flower Sale is LIVE! With a twist...

...and the twist is that Gertens now requires orders to be placed on THEIR fundraising website. 

Don't worry, the same great plants and other items (including 25 new items) are available.  Stay tuned here at for news on the sale, pick-up logistics, etc.


How to Order at Gertens

Simply click this direct link to the Gertens Troop 67 Store, which should bring up the page shown above.

If for some reason that does not work, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.gertensfundraising.com
  2. Enter Troop 67 Store ID: 563
  3. Click ‘Enter ID to Continue’


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ORDER SOON because the new site will list items as "Sold Out" if supply runs dry.  Also, we've got hard stop on April 7 at 10pm.

Please remember to enter the name of the Scout in the "SELLER'S NAME" field.

Give your Scout credit!

How to Donate to Troop 67: This still occurs here. Please remember to include the name of a scout if you would like credit to go to their account.